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Wrestling Dates for 2019-2020 Season


Information for the District IX/ IV Individual Wrestling Tournament at Clearfield High School on Friday and Saturday, February 21-22, 2020. 

 Please feel free to share this information with anyone necessary. 

Remember, all AAA coaches must send me your rosters with individual power points by Friday, Feb. 14 (at 11:00 a.m.).  The AAA wrestlers

will be seeded by computer.


All AA coaches are reminded to send me your rosters (names, grades, records) by Friday, Feb. 14. 

We will meet at Clarion University on Sunday, Feb. 16, at 11:00 a.m. to seed the wrestlers. 

Good luck to all of the teams competing in the team duals this weekend.  Thanks and have a great weekend. 

Seeding and Power System 2020 (to return to Dr. Cathcart).


Randy Cathcart, Ed.D.

District IX Wrestling Chairman





The District AA and AAA Team Championships are planned for Saturday, February 1, 2020,  at the DuBois Area High School. 

The winning AA and AAA teams will qualify for the State Dual Meet Tournament in Hershey on February 6, 7, 8, 2020. 

AA   Quarter Finals  10:00 AM

          Mat 1 Johnson burg vs Curwensville 

AAA   Quarter Finals  11:15 AM

          Mat 1 Clearfield vs St. Marys  

AA   Semi Finals... (around 12:30 PM)

          Mat 1  Brookville vs winner of Johnsonburg / Curwensville

          Mat 2  Redbank vs Port Allegany

AAA   Semi Finals... (around 1:45 PM)

          Mat 1  Selinsgrove vs winner of Clearfield / St. Marys

          Mat 2  BuBois vs Williamsport

            AA     Finals... (around 3:00 PM)

                     Mat 1  Winners of AA Semi Final matches

            AAA  Finals... (around 4:30 PM)

                     Mat 1  Winners of AAA Semi Final matches 

These times may change according to the length of the rounds.  We will start 10 minutes after the previous round has ended.  Times listed are estimates.


            AAA                                                                    AA

1.     Selinsgrove                                                     1.  Brookville

2.    DuBois                                                         2.  Redbank

3.    Williamsport                                                   3.  Port Allegany

     4.  Clearfield                                                        4.  Johnsonburg

     5.  St. Marys                                                        5.  Curwensville                              


Weigh-ins           9:00AM  Johnsonburg, Curwensville, Clearfield, St. Marys

                          11:15 AM  Brookville, RBV, Port Allegany,

                                          Selinsgrove, DuBois, Williamsport 

The PIAA allows the tournament director to schedule weigh-in times at different times, according to the schedule. 
We will weigh-in the teams that wrestle in the prelim matches first at 9:00 AM, then follow with the remaining teams at 11:15 AM. 
This will eliminate teams weighing in and sitting for extended periods of time and allow for more travel time.


Randy Cathcart

District IX Wrestling Chairman


Wrestling Dates for 2019-2020


Friday, January 24, 2020          Deadline for entering Team Duals (1:00 PM)

Thursday, January 30, 2020      Quarter-finals for AA Team Duals

Saturday, February 1, 2020       Semi-finals & Finals for AA & AAA   Team Duals (DuBois H.S.)


Thursday, February 6, 2020      Team Duals (Hershey) AA & AAA

Friday, February 7, 2020         Team Duals (Hershey) AA & AAA

Saturday, February 8, 2020      Team Duals (Hershey) AA & AAA

Sunday, February 16, 2020        Seeding Meeting at Clarion University at 11:00 AM (AA only)

                                                          AAA teams will e-mail me their line-ups with grades and records.

Friday, February 21, 2020         Prelims & Quarter Finals AA

Individual Tournament (Clearfield HS)

Saturday, February 22, 2020    Semi Finals and Finals for AA & AAA Individual Tournament (Clearfield HS)

Friday, February 28, 2020        AA Regional Wrestling Tournament (Sharon)

Saturday, February 29, 2020    AA Regional Wresting Tournament (Sharon)

Friday, February 28, 2020        AAA Regional Wrestling Tourn. (Altoona)

Saturday, February 29, 2020    AAA Regional Wresting Tourn. (Altoona)


Thursday, March 5, 2020          State Wrestling Tournament (Hershey)

Friday, March6, 2020               State Wrestling tournament (Hershey)

Saturday, March 7, 2020          State Wrestling Tournament (Hershey)



The District AA and AAA  Semi-Finals & Finals are planned for Saturday, February 1, 2020, in the DuBois Area High School


If we have more than 4 teams enter the tournament in either AAA or AA, Thursday, January 30, may be used for quarter-final

matches.  Winners from both divisions will be entered into the State Dual meet in Hershey on February 6-8, 2020. 

Also, District IV will compete with District IX in the Team Duals (for AAA only).  The following times are tentatively

planned for the event for Saturday, February 1, 2020:

AA    Semi- Finals  11:00 AM

AAA  Semi- Finals  12:15 PM

          AA     Finals   1:30 PM

          AAA  Finals  2:45 PM


Weigh ins... AA   9:30AM                 AAA   10:30 AM

These times may change according to the number of (AA & AAA) teams that enter the tournament and the length of bouts in each round.

Any school/team wishing to be considered for the District IX Team Wrestling Tournament shall send a completed entry form to

the tournament director by the established deadline.  Any rounds necessitating wrestling with more than 4 teams prior to the


may be scheduled on Thursday, January 30.  We will seed the teams entering the tournament by using the Power Rating and

head-to-head competition .

Please e-mail your completed  form to

Dr. Randy Cathcart at by 1:00 PM on Friday, January 24. 

Also, please call me at 814-221-1147 (cell) to confirm your entry.



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