Chairman: Peter Grecco    Advisor: Bob Tonkin   

Class AAA & AA Important Dates             District 9 TEAM Duals       District IX and X Power Rating Form

   Individual Wrestling Information for 2002

Here are the brackets for AA and AAA District IX/IV Team Wrestling Championships!


The AA Semi Final will begin at 11:00 AM and the AAA semi final will begin roughly at 12:15 PM.

Weigh-ins for AA will begin promptly at 9:30 AM in the auxiliary gym at DuBois High School.

Weigh-ins for AAA will begin promptly at 10:30 AM.

Mat assignments are on the brackets that are attached. After the semi final round we will break

down to 1 mat for the championship bouts. 


Entrance into the gym will start at 10:00 AM for spectators!


Tickets are available online at the following link:


Ticket Prices 

Adult $8.00  

Student $4.00


Two athletic trainers and a resident doctor will be at the event to cover all day. 

Medals will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd team in each division. The 1st place team will also receive a plaque.

AAA       Semi-Final Finals   Power Ranking
      1. Williamsport 6.31
      2. Clearfield 5.83
1. Williamsport     3. Selingsgrove 5.5
      4. Shikellamy 4.62
(Mat 2) 12:15 PM      
4. Shikellamy      
  2:45 PM    
3. Selingsgrove   Champion  
(Mat 1) 12:15 PM      
2. Clearfield      




AA           Semi-Final Finals   Power Ranking
      1. Brockway 6.05
      2. Brookville 5.50
1. Brockway     3. Curwensville 5.00
      4. Port Allegany 4.06
(Mat 2) 11:00 AM      
4. Port Allegany      
  1:30 PM    
3. Curwensville   Champion  
(Mat 1) 11:00 AM      
2. Brookville      


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