DISTRICT 9                                                


November 17, 2010


            The District 9 Committee held the November 17, 2010 meeting at Aiellos’ Café in Ridgway, PA.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Manners. The

following members were present: Ed Babcock, Bud Brennen, Roger Collins, Kevin Doverspike, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, Bill Vassallo, Tom Wagner, and Bob Wicker.

            A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler to accept the minutes of the October 20, 2010 meeting.  The motion carried unanimously.



A motion was made by Ed Babcock and seconded by Roger Collins to accept the October treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously.

Accounts receivable were reviewed.  Fall invoices will be mailed to schools the week of November 22nd.

The financial reports from the District 9 cross country, golf, soccer, tennis and volleyball tournaments were presented.

The fee for football site managers will be reviewed by the budget and finance committees.



            Letters were received from four candidates seeking the position of Females Parents’ Representative to the District 9 Committee.  Ms Sandi Hanes, Athletic Director at Ridgway Area High School, was chosen to fill the position.

            A letter was received from Mr. David McDevitt, Principal at A C Valley High School, concerning the action his school district has taken to insure no future violations in the A C Valley football program occur. A motion was made by Susan Valentine and seconded by Ed Babcock for the principal to provide updates of the monitoring of football practices and require the head coach to complete an online coaching program.  The motion carried unanimously.



            The next Board of Directors meeting will be in December.



            A motion was made by Ed Babcock and seconded by Bob Wicker to grant athletic eligibility to Stephen White a student transferring from Galeton High School to Northern Potter High School.  The motion carried unanimously.

            A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Ed Babcock to grant athletic eligibility to Terry Vertis a student transferring from William Penn High School to Clearfield Area High School.  The motion carried unanimously.

            The Annual District 9 Principals’ Meeting and the Annual Banquet will be held at Aiello’s Café on April 28, 2011.




            A survey is being conducted by the Board of Directors concerning new methods of classifications, number of classes per sport, and the format for state championships.  Any suggestions should be forwarded to Chairman Manners.

            The following were appointed to a committee to investigate a fall workshop for principals and athletic directors: Tom Wagner, Roger Collins, Tim Walter and Bill Vassallo.  A committee report will be due at the June meeting.





            An attempt is being made to use more officials in district championship events.  The number of District 9 disqualifications for unsportsmanlike conduct was discussed.  Due to fall disqualifications, ten schools are not eligible the for 2010 – 2011 Sportsmanship Award.





            District 9 had a very good showing at the PIAA Championship Meet.  Not offering “extras” race at the district meet was a concern of some coaches.  Please note the district committee does not sponsor any junior varsity or junior high championships.



            The football committee will look at various methods to seed and qualify teams for the “A” and “AAA” football championships.



            A quarter final game in “A” or “AA” classifications may be moved from a home site to a neutral site if the basketball committee deems it necessary for crowd size or safety.  This would be done after discussion between the home site administration and the basketball committee.  Note: this motion was passed at the November meeting.  Motion by Roger Collins and seconded by Tony Flint.  Voting against the motion were Aaron Straub and Bud Brennen.

            A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Kevin Doverspike to use the following criteria to seed “AAA” teams:

            Winning percentage

            Head to head

            District 9 power rating system

            Coin flip

The motion carried unanimously.


The next district committee meeting will be on January 19, 2011 at Aiello’s Café time to be announced.




            A motion was made by Ed Babcock and seconded by Randy Cathcart to adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert J. Tonkin,

District 9 Secretary