October 20, 2010


            The District 9 Committee held the October 20, 2010 meeting at Aiellos’ Café in Ridgway, PA.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim Manners. The

following members were present: Ed Babcock, Bud Brennen, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Kevin Doverspike, Tony Flint, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Carla Smith, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, Tom Wagner, Tim Walter, and Bob Wicker.

            A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Randy Cathcart to accept

the minutes of the September 22, 2010 meeting.  The motion carried unanimously.



A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Ed Babcock to accept the September treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously.

Accounts receivable were reviewed.

The financial report from the District 9 golf tournament was presented.

Order forms for fall merchandise have been sent to District 9 schools.

A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler to authorize Chairman Manners to write a letter requesting cooperate sponsorship from Northwest Savings Bank.  The motion carried with Tony Flint casting a negative vote.

A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Susan Valentine that if a school must move a contest from its home site, the home school will pay the rental fees for the venue where the contest is played.  The motion carried with one negative vote. (Randy Cathcart)



            A letter of resignation from the District 9 Committee was received from Cindy Wagner, Female Parent’s Representative..  A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Susan Valentine to accept Mrs. Wagner’s resignation with regrets.  The motion carried with one abstention, Tom Wagner.

            Letters of application for the position of Female Parent’s Representative will be accepted until 4:00 PM on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  Letters should be sent to Jim Manners or Bob Tonkin.

            Four letters of application for a vacant position on the district committee were received. One letter was received after the deadline to apply.  A motion was made by Susan Valentine and seconded by Tim Walter not to accept the late application.. The motion carried by an 11 to 3 vote.  Voting against the motion were Tony Flint, Tom Wagner, and Randy Cathcart.

            William Vassallo, assistant athletic director and teacher at Punxsutawney Area High School, was elected to serve on the district committee.

            A letter was received from Mr. Davis McDeavitt, Principal at Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School, reporting a rule violation. The A. C. Valley football coach permitted junior high school players practice with the varsity football team.  A motion was made by Ed Babcock and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler to table any action until the November meeting.  The motion carried with three members voting against the motion. (Sue Valentine, Randy Cathcart, and Aaron Straub)  A motion was made by Sue Valentine and seconded by Randy Cathcart to request the principal, athletic director, and head football coach of Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School to attend the November district committee meeting.  The motion carried with Aaron Straub and Ed Babcock voting against the motion.



The summary of the PIAA Board of Director’s meeting has been e-mailed to District 9 schools.

            Senate Bill 890 dealing with gender equality is back on the Senate floor.

            When a Pennsylvania school competes against a school from another state, the Pennsylvania school must follow PIAA rules and regulations even if the other states rules are different.

            Various questions dealing with seasonal violations in youth football programs have been clarified.

            The bill dealing with concussions will be re-introduced with no riders.

            The vote to establish “East vs. West” championships was defeated by a 19 – 10 vote.



            The Annual District 9 Principals Meeting and Banquet will be held on April 28, 2011 at Aiello’s Café Ridgway, PA.

            A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler for Chairman Manners to write a letter requesting  cooperate sponsorship form Northwest Saving Bank.  The motion carried with Tony Flint voting against the motion.

            A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Tony Flint to approve a cooperative sports agreement between Northern Potter High School and Cowanesque Valley High School in football.  The cooperative agreement would not permit the school from entering playoffs until the next classification cycle. The motion carried.          

            District 9 sub-committees will be up-dated at the November meeting.




            There were 12 individuals who took a PIAA official’s test in October.  Ten of the twelve passed.  Congratulations to the following new officials:

            Chris Anderson                        Basketball

            Andrew Banner                        Basketball

            Justin Bifano                             Basketball

            Karen Davis                             Basketball

            Robert Elliott                            Baseball

            David Furman                           Basketball

            Daryl Howard                          Volleyball

            Jim Pullman                              Volleyball

            Clay Norton                             Volleyball

            Mark Zimmerman                     Softball



            A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Susan Valentine to recognize the following schools as the winners of the 2009 – 2010 District 9/PIAA Sportsmanship Award:

            Karns City High School

            West Forest High School

            Elk County Catholic High School

The motion carried.




            A reminder there will be no “extras race” at the district meet.



            There were a few less golfers entered in this year’s boys and girls tournaments.

            The locations for the 2011 – 2012 boys’ tournament will be held at Pine Acres Country Club and the girls’ tournament well be held at Kane Country Club.



            The number of teams that entered the tournament:

                        A – Boys          10 teams

                        A – Girls          8 teams

                        AA – Boys       3 teams

                        AA – Girls        5 teams



            This year the district and state tournaments will use a colored volleyball.

            “A” finals will be held at St. Marys Area High School and the “AA” finals will be held at Clarion Area High School.



            The first round matches will be on October 26 at a District 7 site.


            A motion was made by Randy Cathcart and seconded by Roger Collins to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 2:30.

The next District 9 Committee meeting will be on November 17, 2010 at 10:00 at Aiello’s Café, Ridgway.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert J. Tonkin,

District 9 Secretary