APRIL 6, 2005



On April 6, 2005, the District 9 Committee met at Aiello’s Café in Ridgway, PA.  The following members were present: Mike Brown, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Gary Elder, Tony Flint, Denny Geitner, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Carla Smith, Dave Stanley, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, Cindy Wagner, Tom Wagner, and Bob Wicker.

At 1:00 PM, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Manners.

A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Susan Valentine to accept the minutes of the February 9, 2005 meeting.  The motion carried. 


                Gary Elder, chairman of the committee to study trainer’s fees, reported on the results of their committee meeting.  A motion was made by Denny Geitner and seconded by Tony Flint to accept the recommendations of the committee.  The motion carried.  A copy to the fee structure will be included in the District 9 Policy Manual.


                A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Susan Valentine to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried.

                Financial reports for all the winter sports were presented.

                A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Tony Flint stating the District 9 budget will be available to committee members by June 1st and the budget will be adopted at the June meeting.  The motion carried.


                A letter was received from Mr. Gary Elder announcing his resignation as chairman of the cross country committee. A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Randy Cathcart to accept the resignation with regrets.

                The committee would like to thank Mr. Elder for his hard work as the cross country chairman.

                Chairman Manners will appoint a new cross country chairman at the next district meeting.

A letter was received from the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference voicing a number of concerns with the District 9 Cross Country meet.  Cross country committee member, Aaron Straub, will respond to the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference letter.  At the June meeting, the cross country committee will discuss the contents of the letter.

The Altoona Curve has invited district champions to attend a Curve game.  Information should be obtained form the Altoona Curve Baseball Organization.

Principals should submit agenda items to the PIAA steering committee through the District 9 steering committee chairperson.  Items should be submitted in a timely manner.  Items for the District 9 agenda should be submitted a week before the committee meeting.


                Moving Forest County to District 9 will be placed on the agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting.

                District 10 must act on the requests from schools that joined District 9 last year before junior high/middle school membership can be granted. 

                The starting date for football has been tabled until the May Board of Directors meeting.


                Election chairman, Roger Collins, reviewed the procedures for the District 9 election.

                Wrestling chairman, Randy Cathcart, reported Sheffield Area High School has disciplined an athlete who was ejected form the District 9 Wrestling Tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct.

                A letter was received from Dr. Robert Lombardi concerning the behavior of a fan, from a District 9 school, at the PIAA Championship Wrestling Tournament.  A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Mike Brown to instruct Mr. Cathcart to send a letter to the fan concerning his behavior at past and future District 9 and PIAA Championship Events.  The motion carried unanimously.

                Discussion was held concerning the policy for passes to District 9 events. 

                A motion to admit all PIAA officials to district events died for the lack of a second.

                A motion was made by Gary Elder and seconded by Tom Wagner to approve the following co-operative sports agreements:

                East Forest High School and Kane Area High School (football)

Union High School and Redbank Valley High School (boys’ track, boys’ and girls’ cross country, and wrestling)

Clarion-Limestone High School and Clarion Area High School (soccer)

The motion carried.

                A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Gary Elder to accept the District 9 Policy Manual.  The motion carried unanimously.  After the June meeting, copies of the handbook will be printed.      

                A motion was made Gary Elder and seconded by Susan Valentine to grant athletic eligibility to Ken Yea Kah Kai, a foreign exchanged student, attending Moniteau High School.  The motion carried.


OFFICIALS: (Carla Smith and Denny Geitner)

                A number of District 9 officials worked at various PIAA state tournaments.  The officials’ representatives recommend not increasing officials’ dues paid to the PIAA.  Electronically testing of potential officials will probably not occur. 

                Even though there are over 17,000 certified officials in Pennsylvania, there is still a shortage of certified officials.

                 The new coaching rule in basketball brought a slight increase in the number of coaching disqualifications.  The basketball coaching box will be in effect another year.

GOLF:  (Tony Flint)

                A motion was made by Gary Elder and seconded b Jerry Linsenbigler to accept the golf committee’s recommendation for District 9 Tournament sites for the 2005 through 2008 school years.  The motion carried.


Year                                                               Site                                       Date

2005                                Pennhills C. C.                              Bradford                9-26 and 10-1

2006                                Pine Crest C.C.                              Brookville              9-25 and 9-30

2007                                Bavairian Hills C. C.                     St. Marys               9-24 and 9-29

2008                                Clarion Oaks C. C.                        Clarion                   9-29 and 10-4


Year                                                               Site                                       Date

2005                                Bavarian Hill C. C.                        St. Marys               10-3                                                         2006       Emporium C. C.                                             Emporium      10-2

2007                                Kane C. C.                                     Kane                       10-1

2008                                Pennhills C. C.                              Bradford                10-6

BASKETBALL: (Jim Manners)

                The basketball committee will meet prior to the June committee meeting.

WRESTLING:      (Randy Cathcart)

                Consideration will be given to hold the entire team tournament at Dubois Area High School. 

BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL: (Tony Flint and Jerry Linsenbigler)

                There will be an adjustment to the power points awards in baseball and softball.


The next District 9 Committee meeting will be on June 15, 2005 at Aiello’s café in Ridgway, PA.  The time of the meeting will be announced later.



(The following is an outline of the Annual District 9 Principals’ Meeting)


Welcome and introduction of District 9 Committee Members


Introduction of Dr. Robert Lombardi, Associate Executive Director of PIAA


Introduction of Mr. Mark Byers, Assistant Executive Director of PIAA


Comments from Dr. Lombardi and Mr. Byers


Annual District 9 Election

Question and answer period for PIAA staff members and District 9 Committee


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM.


                The election for the 2005 – 2006 District 9 Committee was held under the supervision of the election committee that consisted of Mr. Marc Budd, Principal of Port Allegany High School, Mr. Richard Galuzzi, Principal of Punxsutawney Area Middle School and Doug Mays, Principal of Keystone High School.

                The following people were elected to the District 9 Committee for the 2005 – 2006 school year:

 Mike Brown, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Tony Flint, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Aaron Straub, Susan Valentine, Tom Wagner, Tim Walter, and Bob Wicker.


                The re-organizational meeting was held by Dr. Lombardi.

                A motion was made by Bob Tonkin and seconded by Mike Brown to elect Jim Manners as the district chairman for the 2005 – 2006 school year.   A motion was made by Tom Wagner and seconded by Dave Stanley to close nominations. Both motions carried unanimously.

                A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Susan Valentine to elect Aaron Straub as the district vice-chairman for the 2005 – 2006 school year.  A motion was made by Tom Wagner and seconded by Denny Geitner to close nominations. Both motions carried unanimously.


                (After the following were recognized by Chairman Manners, the Annual Banquet was held)


District 9 Committee Members

PIAA Staff Members

Dr. Robert Lombardi            PIAA Staff

Mr. Mark Byers                    PIAA Staff

Former District 9 Committee members:       

Mr. John Aiello                    Mr. Robert Murphy

Mr. Sam Goodwill                 Mr. John Verolini

Mr. Jim Manners                  Mr. Bill Yount

Special Guests:

Mr. Robert Carlson              Athletic Director, Clarion University

Mr. David Katis                    Assistant Athletic Director, Clarion University

District 9 Individual State Champions:

Katie Hynes                          Brookville Area High School             Diving

Mike Mitchell                       Smethport Area High School             Track

Matt Kyler                             Clearfield Area High School               Wrestling

Andy Rendos                       Brockway Area High School              Wrestling

Nate Sipes                             Curwensville Area High School        Wrestling

District 9 Team Champions:

2004 Spring Sports

2004 fall Sports

2005 Winter Sports

District 9 and PIAA Sportsmanship Award Winners:

Brockway Area High School

Elk County Catholic High School

Union High School


Respectfully submitted, 


Robert J. Tonkin

District 9 Secretary             





Committee Approved Amounts (April 6, 2005)


AB1 Contest

2 Contests

3 Contests









Cross Country

$100.00 (Per Day)




















$100.00 (Per Day)








$100.00 (Per Day)







Wrestling - Team




Wrestling - Individual

$120.00 (Per Day)







Note A:

"1 Contest" is defined as one game, meet, etc.  It includes two wrestling team matches, baseball/softball games, etc. occurring at the same time and same site.

Note B:

The fee is paid only if District IX must hire a trainer for the contest.  For example, many of the rental agreements at Clarion University include the cost of trainer services in the rental agreement.

Note C:

It is the District IX appointed Game Manager's responsibility to secure a certified athletic trainer.  If a trainer must be hired, the priority of hiring shall be as follows:


   a.  Host School's Athletic Trainer



   b.  Participating School's Athletic Trainer



   c.  Non-Participating School's Athletic Trainer