FEBRUARY 9, 2005

                                                    RIDGWAY, PA


On February 9, 2005, the District 9 Committee met at Aiello’s Café in Ridgway, PA.  The following members were present: Mike Brown, Randy Cathcart, Roger Collins, Gary Elder, Tony Flint, Denny Geitner, Jeff Jovenitti, Jerry Linsenbigler, Jim Manners, Carla Smith, Dave Stanley, Aaron Straub, Bob Tonkin, Susan Valentine, Cindy Wagner, Tom Wagner, and Bob Wicker.

A motion was made by Gary Elder and seconded by Tony Flint to accept the minutes of the November 10, 2004 meeting.  The motion carried. 


                A motion was made by Denny Geitner and seconded by Tony Flint to rescind the motion to pay certified athletic trainers $65.00 per event.  The motion carried.  Payment for athletic trainers will be at the discretion of the game managers.  Trainer’s fees will be discussed at the March meeting.

                The district committee is continuing to update the list of cooperative sports agreements.

                A survey will be sent to principals concerning the dates for the 2007 – 2008 basketball season.

                If an unintentional mistake is made on an entry form for a district tournament, any corrective action will be made by the sports chairperson of that sport.

                Discussion on seeding for the district soccer tournament will be held at the next meeting.

                The volleyball committee is studying the results of the 2004 – 2005 survey and will make recommendation at a future meeting.


                A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Jeff Jovenitti to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried.

                Reports were presented to the committee on the revenue generated by the fall entry fees and financial reports for all of the fall championships.


                The district secretary will continue to update the list of e-mail addresses for District 9 superintendents, principals, athletic directors, and the media.


                District 9 Steering Committee members can accept items to be placed on the agendas at the PIAA Workshops.

                Forest County is being moved form District 10 to District 9.


                Chairman Manners will meet with the chairmen from Districts 6 and 10 to discuss championship inter-district events between District 9 and Districts 6 and 10.

                A motion was made by Jeff Jovenitti and seconded by Jerry Linsenbigler to approve a cooperative sports agreement between Rocky Grove High School and Franklin Area High School in boys’ volleyball.  The motion passed.

                A motion was made by Roger Collins and seconded by Susan Valentine to grant athletic eligibility to Irina Sukhanova, a foreign exchange student attending Kane Area High School.  The motion carried.

                A motion was made by Jeff Jovenitti and seconded by Bob Wicker to grant athletic eligibility to Pat Heath, a student transferring from Dubois Area High School to Central Catholic High School.  The motion carried.

                A motion was made by Tony Flint and seconded by Tom Wagner to deny athletic eligibility to a student who transferred from Clearfield Area High School to Curwensville Area High School.  The motion carried unanimously. The decision was based on the incomplete transfer form submitted to the committee and the receiving school’s principal questioning if the transfer was based on athletic intent.

                A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Susan Valentine authorizing the district chairman to secure legal council for various district hearings.  The motion carried.

                Chairman Manners appointed Roger Collins as the election committee chairman.



                Approval for the District 9 Committee Policy Manual will take place at the April meeting. 

Denny Geitner, officials’ representative, reported that a “three man officials’ clinic” was held, tests were given to potential officials, and recommendations for inter-district level officials have been submitted to the PIAA.

                During the fall sports seasons, 28 players and 7 coaches were disqualified for unsportsmanlike like behavior.




GOLF: Tony Flint, Chairman

                Request to host the district golf tournaments have been sent to District 9 schools. The PIAA golf championships will be held in York.

TRACK AND FIELD: Bob Tonkin, Chairman

A motion was made by Bob Wicker and seconded by Tony Flint to hold the 2004 – 2005 “AAA” track and field meet at Brookville Area High School and the “AA” meet will be held at Kane Area High School.  The following year the “AAA” meet will be held at Kane Area High School and the “AA” meet will be at Brookville Area High School.  The motion carried unanimously.                                                                     The intent of the track and field committee is to rotate the sites of the meets.

WRESTLING:  Randy Cathcart, Chairman

                The wrestling committee may request the team tournament be held as a one day tournament at Dubois Area High School. 

                Johnsonburg Area High School reported an unintentional error in certification of a wrestler.  The error was corrected by the high school administration.

                Kane Area High School was granted an additional number of schedule points by the Board of Directors.  After a tournament started in which Kane was participating, the tournament was cancelled due to a power outage.  Thus, the schedule points were not counted and Kane Area High School could have scheduled additional matches.

CROSS COUNTRY:  Gary Elder, Chairman

                The PIAA championship meet will most likely not be held at Hershey.


After the March 11, 2005 District 9 Committee meeting, a summary of the administrative meeting held on February 9 and a survey of topics discussed at the meeting will be e-mailed to District 9 principals.


The next District 9 meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11, 2005 at Aiello’s Café in Ridgway,PA.


The meting adjourned at 4:05 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Robert J. Tonkin,

District 9 Secretary