DISTRICT IX GOLF  2021 - Kevin Doverspike


Results of the 2021 PIAA Team West Sub-regional.  10/7/2021


    Western Team Regional Tournament 2021          
2021   Silver Course, Treasure Lake, PA          
              # 13 Red Stake Right & Drop zone
AA Boys     AA Boys            
Clarion     Union City           # 16 Drop zone right of pond
Jay Kerle     Steve Yovich            
Kameron Kerle 83   Josh James 75         Players take carts to tee box
Devin Lauer 87   Tyler Parkhurst 77          
Mckayla Kerle 87   Cole DeSimone 83          
Owen Kriebel *108   Matt Yale 95          
Lucas Mitrosky 87   Matt Bennett *99          
Score Total 344   Score Total 330          
AAA Boys     AAA Boys     AAA Boys      
State College     Dubois     Erie McDowell      
Greg Wilson     Luke Bundy     Jason Markiewicz      
John Olsen 76   Gavin Kaschalk 90   Joe DeAngelo 82    
Luke Janac 82   Cody Jaconski 89   Will Neumaier 91    
Max Wagner 80   Brock Smith 90   John Ferretti 81    
Joey Sabol *89   Tyson Kennis 97   Logan Carrick 90    
Thomas Hay 83   Landon Gustafson *117   Greg Berlin *91    
Score Total 321   Score Total 366   Score Total 344    
AA Girls                  
No Competitors                  
AAA Girls     AAA Girls            
State College     Erie McDowell            
Ken Miller     Ryan Bickel            
Amber Kissinger 93   Zoey McClain 73          
Hannah Kopak 101   Analise Wolf *89          
Sarah Huang 116   Avery Burdick 86          
    Alexis Marsh 88          
    Brooke Hamilton *102          
Score Total 310   Score Total 247   Score Total 0    
Boys 5/4                  
Girls 5/3                  








Results of the 2021 DIX Girls Golf Championships held today at Clarion Oaks Golf Course. 

Congratulations to the following Champions:


AA Team Champion

Moniteau 314


AAA Team Champion

Dubois  318


AA Individual Champion

Mckayla Kerle (Clarion) 80


AAA Individual Champion

Sarah Henninger (Dubois) 100



The top 3 girls in AA will advance to the PIAA State Championships to be held on Monday, October 18 at

Heritage Hills Resort in York, PA. 

       Best wishes to all of those who are moving on and representing DIX.


District IX Girls' Individual Results            TEAM Results



Results of the Championship Round of the 2021 DIX Boys Golf Championships. 

Four golfers tied at 167 - in a sudden death playoff for the 6th and final PIAA Spot that lasted 3 holes. 

Brady Streich (Coudersport) was first in with a birdie on the 1st playoff hole.  Ethan Carll (Forest) was second in with a par

on the 2nd playoff hole and Lucas Benjamin (St. Marys) claimed the third and final spot with a par on the 3rd playoff hole.


Congratulations to the following boys who claimed the Individual Championships.



Jacob Felsing                      76/78             154



Spencer Cornelius             76/70             146


The top 2 AAA and top 6 AA golfers have earned the right to advance to the PIAA State Championships to be held at

Heritage Hills Resort, York, PA on Monday October 18 (AA) and Tuesday, October 19 (AAA).  Best wishes to all of those

who are advancing.


Kevin Doverspike

DIX Golf Chairman



Results of the 2021 DIX Boys Golf Championships held 9/27 at Pennhills Club in Bradford. 


Final Individual Results

Individual Results   (Day 1)            Team Results


The top 16 (AA) and 6 (AAA) golfers have earned the right to advance to the Championship Round to be held on Saturday at the Pennhills Club.

They each will be competing for the DIX (AA) and DVIII/DIX (AAA) Individual Championship as well as a trip to the PIAA State Championships. 


AA will advance 6 golfers and AAA will advance 2 golfers to the PIAA Championships.


Congratulations to the Golf Teams of Clarion (AA) and Dubois (AAA) for winning the DIX Team Championships. 

They will play in the PIAA Team West Sub-regional to be held at Treasure Lake, Silver Course in Dubois on October 7, 2021.


Kevin Doverspike

DIX Golf Chairman




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